Patio Renovation

There could be a lot of reasons why a homeowner would decide to renovate the backyard patio. One reason may be to prep the outdoor timber furniture and decking. Due to seasonal changes and as the weather gets warmer, neglected timber will start fading, splitting and will look generally less appealing. In these instances, a partial patio renovation may be done. For some homeowners, it could also be that they want a complete makeover or total change in the design of their patio.

Determining the size
If your main reason for renovating your patio is to expand, it is important to consider first your intended purpose for the patio. The current trend is that patios are now outdoor living rooms with comfy sofas, cooking equipment, sometimes a mini bar, and other relevant appliances found therewith.  The size of the patio will be greatly dependent on which of these purposes you intend to use. By revamping your patio, the value of your home will also be much greater once it goes out for sale in the future.

Determining the style
Your patio, once renovated, will be greatly connected to the design of your house. For this reason, it is but right to consider the compatibility of the patio’s design with the house. If you used bricks to wall the exterior of your house, it may be wise to use complementary bricks for the paving of your patio. If, however, your house or garden has more or less formal proportions, you can opt to use pavers instead. The color palette combination, likewise, should also be considered.

Adding new plants
Actually, remodeling your patio may be compared with the same principles that guide landscaping. Since landscaping creates a perfect environment for family occasions, the same should be applied with outdoor patios. By adding new plants, you can create a new space conducive for family gatherings and special occasions.

Adding new furniture and fixtures
Renovating a patio is also the perfect time to buy new set of furniture and fixtures. BBQ grills and outdoor kitchens are just some of the structures that can greatly enhance your outdoor patio experience. Furniture for patios varies in a lot of styles from traditional tables to durable glass and metal chairs.

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