Stone Mason

Outdoor living is now an emerging trend in international societies as people continue to look for ways to get away from the stresses of work and career. For this reason, the stone mason industry has continued to bloom, and also because of its ability to connect humans with nature. Apart from landscaping, you would be surprised at the variety of services stone masonry can do. From restoration work and fireplaces, to stone carving and walling, there are a lot of ways by which stone mason can embody the perks of outdoor living. Here at Paver Patio Nj, we provide these services, and we make sure that you enjoy moments of reconnection with nature through our outputs.

Property restoration/conservation  

This service is usually performed on old structural properties and buildings which have started to fall into a state of non-usability. There are various ways by which this can be carried out. A series of re-pointing works on the complex structure of the property may be done, or if not possible, new stone pieces such as bricks and stone veneers may be installed. You can simply abandon an old property when it has utilized its useful life, but preserving it for the heritage and history it embodies is something money cannot reciprocate.


Walls can further enhance the experiences we can get from outdoor recreation. Walls built from stones are sturdy, natural and rustic. They can serve as boundaries for your backyard gardens and fields. Not only can stonewalls give you an impression of security and refuge, they also improve the aesthetic of your beloved home to a whole new level. Stones were made to last, and they can create to your home a beauty that never fades.


The boundaries of outdoor recreation have now evolved. Fireplaces, though originally meant to be built indoors, can now be built for outdoor usage. If you ever plan on embarking on a project to explore this idea, don’t hesitate to call our team of experts. We have premade designs you can choose from, or we can also focus on your own ideas of creativity if you wish to. Nevertheless, we will make sure that from conception to construction, you will be guided accordingly.

Other services

If none of these services can satiate your needs for a delighting outdoor experience, there are also other services you may avail of like fire pits, patios, and BBQ grills.

With decades of experiences, and leading stone mason company in New Jersey, Paver Patio NJ can help you on all your stone mason needs. Contact us now to get our expert opinion.