Travertine Paving Services

What are travertine pavements and how are they different from the rest?
    For starters, travertine pavers are similar to other stones such as marble and limestone.  Although travertine is considered a natural stone, it is different in a way that it is formed differently as compared to other natural stones. Travertine is usually formed in limestone caves or hot springs. That being said, they have a major difference in rigidity and general appearance. They have an average thickness of about 1 ¼”, and are commonly used in driveways and pool decks.

What are the advantages of choosing travertine paving from other types of paving services?
    The benefits of using a travertine paving are countless, and may differ from a case-to-case basis. However, three basic perks may be common to most, if not all, who have availed travertine paving services. First of all, travertine has the ability to repel water easily, making it perfect for swimming pools and other areas at your home that are commonly wet. Notice how swimming pool decks have glossy surfaces but are surprisingly not slippery? That may be because they used travertine as a major material.
    Also, having a pavement with travertine as the main material would make your patio or driveway more tolerant to heat. Unlike bricks and concrete pavements, travertine pavements are actually more resistant to heat, and would absorb less heat from the sun making them perfect for any patio, walkway or driveway outdoors.
    Lastly, travertine stones portray elegance in style. Having been made from a painstakingly aged natural stone, its sun kissed texture and appearance will definitely inspire a Mediterranean outdoor dining perfect for any business or family occasion. By using travertine stones, your kitchen, patio, and driveway, would all look even more striking. It is also worthy to know that travertine stones are much cheaper compared to bricks and other stone pavements.

Why should you choose us?
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