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Fiberglass Pool Installation and Restoration NJ

At Paver Pros NJ, we create some of the best pools and backyards for our clients. There are several options, shapes, and designs to choose from for your dream pool. We can use our state-of-the-art technology and equipment to make the finest of design and shape possible for our clients’ swimming pools. 

Whether it is inground swimming pools or backyard dreams, we incorporate the most up-to-date and trendy pool ideas to make it possible for you, we will create your personal elegant, natural, and/or luxurious backyard escape.  

We can deliver exceptional results because we are committed and provide unwavering dedication to all our projects. This is why we are one of the best and most trusted in the pool building NJ industry. We always strive to not just meet but exceed our customers’ expectations with our quality work. Hence why we have managed to build a great reputation with the excellent testimonials of our clients.  

Paver Pros offers a huge inventory and choices when it comes to fiberglass pools. We can create the best fit for your backyard based on your preferences and needs. Fiberglass pools are built using a molded process and the pool is installed in your backyard in one piece. This leads to the fastest installation option available for a pool.

The durability of fiberglass pools comes from how they are built. Small glass threads are combined with fabric and then further reinforced with a resin material. The combination of these materials creates a pool that is strong, yet lightweight for easy installation. We can also apply a weather-resistant gel to further improve the look and ensure the finish lasts even longer.

Paver Pros comes to the table with over two decades of experience in installing fiberglass pools. Our suppliers are top notch, and our crew ensures quick and seamless installation. Below, we are going to go over the process and explain how a new fiberglass pool can enhance your backyard into a dream oasis.

Why Choose Fiberglass Pool?

Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance
Quick Installation
Comfortable and Safe
Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency


  • First, we work with you and determine the best fiberglass pool option for your backyard, and We will assist and take care of permits or other requirements needed by your town/city.
  • Next, our engineer will come out to your home and mark out where the pool will be installed.
  • Once that is done, it is time for excavation – which is when we come out and dig out the ground to lay the pool. Gravel will be put down and compacted as a base for the fiberglass pool.
  • After that, We will install plumbing, the equipment pad, and any other specifications to your fiberglass pool before it is brought in to be installed.
  • Then, Using a crane, the pool is delivered and lifted into the hole dug previously. The pool is reinforced with rebar and concrete is poured surrounding it.
  • If you choose, pavers, concrete or a patio can be installed along with lighting, decking, fencing or even an outdoor kitchen. Lastly, we leave you to enjoy your pool for many summers to come.

Stress-Free Fiberglass Pool Installation with Paver Pros

Paver Pros wants to work with you to ensure that your fiberglass pool is installed, not only to be beautiful but functional and safe. Our experts work on each step with great attention to detail and make sure that your pool meets all safety standards.

Before we begin anything, our experts will check and suggest the best course of action for your pool project. We look at things like stability, accessibility, water drainage, and water table. When it comes to excavation, backfilling, and plumbing, we make sure that these are all carefully completed and keep you in the loop at each step.

Fiberglass swimming pools are a great choice for any backyard project. The biggest pro of a fiberglass pool is how quickly it can be installed. Once permits are passed and excavation is complete, we can quickly install a fiberglass pool once it is delivered without you having to lift a finger. We keep you updated on the process at each step.

There are many things that people love about our services and brand but one of the most important factors is TRUST. Yes. That’s right we are one of the most trusted when it comes to Fiberglass swimming pool installation in the NJ region We provide great quality projects, and we always keep customer experience and customer satisfaction in mind and prioritize that above & over everything else. Our team of experts is highly professional

Why customers Choose This Pool?


Fiberglass inground pools are a preferred choice because of their sturdiness. Many homeowners like these types of pools over other traditional options that are available. They add style, while providing a long lasting and durable backyard. They can withstand the typical wear and tear of pool usage.


Fiberglass pools are stylish and timeless. Fiberglass adds a great texture and makes your pool ooze luxury. The reflection of water against any color you choose makes your backyard even more appealing. All your guests, friends, and relatives will be mesmerized by the beauty of a fiberglass pool. We can make this happen for all our customers.

Design and Theme

There are various fiberglass pool designs and themes that you can choose from. This makes them a great option. Fiberglass pools are also not difficult to customize. So, if you have a theme or idea in mind, we can work with fiberglass options to achieve that. Perhaps you have no idea where to start. Even if you do – we are here to help and guide you through the wide variety of themes and designs of swimming pools to best suit the shape, size, and style of your backyard project.

Fiberglass pools’ cost can be slightly on the higher end when compared to other traditional pools, they may still be a very good choice for you. Keep in mind the pros of fiberglass pools and they may outweigh the costs. But don’t worry! At Paver Pros, we offer our clients the best quotes. We are one of the best when it comes to reasonable pricing and our unbeatable quotes allow you to avoid compromising on style and service. We are here to help you save your money, time, and energy. That’s what makes us one of the most responsible pool buildings, resurfacing and reconstruction companies in the region NJ.
What We Do

At Custom Pool Pros, we prioritize your satisfaction by keeping you engaged in every step of the project. Our team of experts will work closely with you to design and construct a fiberglass pool that perfectly complements your outdoor space. With our expertise and a keen eye for detail, we can make your dream pool a reality.

Why Choose Us

Custom Pool Pros can design and build the ideal custom pool environment, including fiberglass pools, so you can enjoy the elegance and style that a stunning luxury pool has to offer. Our team will involve you in the process every step of the way. We can assure you of the best quality of work, originality, and attention to detail that will nicely fit your budget.

Fiberglass Pool Designs and Models

Explore a diverse range of captivating fiberglass pool designs and models, offering both elegance and functionality to elevate your outdoor oasis.


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